When Is It Best To Replace Your Heating Equipment?

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Any heating equipment, especially furnaces and boilers, has a lifespan of over 15 years. They are designed to withstand harsh weather and persistent usage throughout the years. Besides, with the occasional repairs and routine maintenance, you don’t have to worry about your HVAC’s performance until it ages north of 10 years. Some furnaces even perform satisfactorily for about 15 years. However, you must be on the lookout for the following signs if your heating system is ten years or older. 

  1. A persistent rise in energy bills. 
  2. Hot and cold spots or cold air blowing from vents.
  3. Rust or wear and tear.
  4. Frequent breakdowns and subsequent repairs. 
  5. Noticeably loud noise. 

People do not always know whether the issue at hand can be fixed with another repair, or a full-fledged replacement is imperative. If you find yourself in such a dilemma, getting in touch with top HVAC contractors in your area would be wise. They can help identify the issues and condition of your heating system and explain if a  heating repair in Los Angeles would be viable or not. 

Small repairs may fix your current issue, but eventually, such costs may add up to a discomforting number, and along with persistent breakdowns, a replacement, although expensive, might just seem a prudent option. 

Self-Diagnosing for a Furnace Replacement

Educated customers are a great help to the service teams as they can more often than not point the repairs in the right direction. They also feel confident about any suggestions technicians make about replacement or furnace repair in Los Angeles, CA, since they know the condition of their appliance and do not feel like they are being duped. 

To help you perform a diagnosis on your own HVAC system, we have put together a few ideas that may make the task easy.


  • Check Your Ducts.

Besides your heating system, the ductwork in your house can take a lot of beating too. Since it’s ingrained in your house’s framework, it may not often receive as many checks as other superficial components do. 


  • Check Your Insulation. 

Insulation and heating or cooling go hand-in-hand. Without adequate insulation, even the most technologically laced heating system cannot provide adequate comfort to any space. Insulations are rather easier to check and do not specifically require a professional’s insights. 


  • Check Your Airflow. 

If you have a radiator or a baseboard heater as your HVAC system, be sure to check for any kind of obstruction to the airflow of your heating system, and ensure things like furniture, plants, etc., are out of their way. 


  • Trace Soot near The Vents.

Prominent marks of soot can indicate a problem with your furnace’s burners. You must not overlook such issues as problems with the burners can lead to a carbon monoxide leak in your house. 

Even after following all these steps, if you still find persisting issues, and are convinced that a furnace replacement in Los Angeles will do you good, contact our trusted HVAC experts and have them evaluate the expenses. Have them explain all the options and the most financially viable fits for you. For seamless HVAC repair or replacement services, get in touch with Platinum Air Conditioning Inc. today! Call at (818) 464-4292 now.