What Maintenance Service is Required For An Air Conditioner Unit?

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Regular servicing and maintenance of your air conditioner are essential for ensuring its continued efficient performance. The cooling capacity drops and energy use rises when maintenance and cleaning are put off for too long.

If you live in LA and if your unit isn’t producing the desired level of cool air and instead is producing excessive humidity, it’s time to call us for AC repair in Los Angeles.

Maintenance Service required for an AC:

  • Clear Debris and Areas Around the AC

It is recommended to start by inspecting the condenser fins, as dust and other particles tend to get lodged here. Clean them with a rough paintbrush or any other tool and check them closely. Use a vacuum to get rid of any leftover dirt and dust.

  • Clean the condenser fan

It’s natural for the condenser and fan unit, which are situated outside your home, to become clogged with dirt and debris over time. The condenser and compressor overheat when it has to work harder to release heat from the hot air and debris accumulated on their surface. This area may be easily cleaned by wiping it with a moist cloth and then letting it dry in the sun.

  • Cleaning The Coil

If coils are examined often or serviced once a year, they will function more effectively. When filters are regularly maintained and cleaned, dust and debris are less likely to accumulate on the coils. The ability of the coils to absorb heat is reduced as a result of the accumulation, which has an impact on the comfort level of the space. You’ll probably need to get your AC tuned up in Los Angeles and clean the evaporator coil.

  • Level the Unit

Due to soil settlement, the pad on which the condenser unit rests may begin to lean over time. Compressors within condensers might experience premature failure if the units are not properly leveled. Make sure the condenser is sitting flat; if not, use shims that won’t rot to correct the problem.

  • Clean Air Filters

If the air conditioner’s filter is clogged or unclean, the unit will have to work significantly harder to get the same results as when the filter is clean. Changing the filter on your AC unit will help ease the load on the machine and save money on power bills. Filters should be changed once a month. Proper cooling relies on clean air filters.

  • Unclog the Rear Drain

The blockage is in the rear drain, which demands your attention. This is because a clogged drain causes an increase in humidity within the home, making it unpleasant to spend time there. Locate the drain at the back of the unit and clear the blockage with a stick or tool. Take care not to harm any other AC components in the process.


If you want your air conditioner to work properly, it has to be maintained and cleaned before the hot season arrives. Don’t waste your time doing repairs on your own; instead, get in touch with our technician specializing in AC services.

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