What is The Cost of Replacing An AC Circuit Board?

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It is natural for air conditioning parts to wear out after a while. However, replacing them to save yourself from further damage is an option that must be considered. But how much does it cost for AC repair in Los Angeles? What will a new circuit board cost? Read on to find out everything about circuit boards and their costs for replacements.

What is an Air Conditioner Circuit Board?

A circuit board or a printed circuit board is a base that physically supports sockets and wiring. A circuit board is found in air conditioners as well as other electronic devices. The main purpose of a circuit board is to link all components of a device in a compact space. It also ensures that there is proper insulation for the components.

Can a Circuit Board be Replaced?

A broken circuit board may be repaired or changed, and if you’ve seen it, you shouldn’t be concerned. Repairing a circuit board is a time taking process and requires proper inspection. However, replacing the circuit board all together can save you from the burden of replacing it later. It is preferable to replace a circuit board since older circuit boards have small and weak contact points, resulting in the most faults.

Troubleshooting a Circuit Board!

  • First, you need to check if your air conditioner is working fine. Start by changing the filters and coils to ensure that your air conditioner is working well.
  • The next step is to check the power that is going to your circuit board. Make sure that the input voltage for the circuit board is appropriate. This power can either be obtained from a control transformer or line voltage.
  • Check the output of your air conditioner. Before transmitting an output signal or voltage to the component attached to it, many AC circuit boards perform a safety check. AC maintenance in Los Angeles can check these components.
  • Check if the circuit board is burnt if all other factors are alright. If you notice burn marks on the circuit board, it’s time to replace it. A repair professional can replace the circuit board.
  • An air conditioner consists of relays that are prone to damage when these relays stick together. Tap the relays to see if they release. If it doesn’t work, it is best to get your circuit board replaced.

How Much Does it Cost To Replace a Circuit Board?

The cost of replacing an AC circuit board ranges from $125 to $625. However, the parts of an AC circuit board costs between $100 and $150. An AC circuit board can be bought online for $50 to $250. Replacing an air conditioner circuit board is a better option for the long run rather than getting it repaired multiple times. A professional from an AC repair in Los Angeles can replace your circuit board.

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