What Is Included In Furnace Cleaning?

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Winters without a good working furnace are unimaginable. To keep a furnace in good condition for a long time, regular maintenance is necessary. An important part of the maintenance is cleaning the furnace to avert future damages and ensure quality performance.

But what happens in a furnace clean-up? Keep reading to find out.

Which Parts Need To Be Cleaned?


  • Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger transfers the heat between the gases at different temperatures and separates combustion gases from the heated air. A heat exchanger has different parts like a tube, tube sheets, shell, shell covers, baffles, etc. After working for a certain period, these parts need cleaning, which requires professional assistance.

  • Burners

Burners create heat to keep the furnace running. It works when air and fuel meet. The burners can become dirty because of the fuel, or they may become home to debris that harms the performance. Cleaning a furnace requires removing the blogs, wings, and other parts for which you will need help from professional heating repair in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Blower Assembly

Blower assembly includes a blower motor and fan that blows the air. It should be cleaned once a year. Dust and dirt can deposit in a blower that should be cleaned regularly to ensure smooth functioning.

What Happens When A Furnace Is Cleaned?


  • Cleaning The Filter

The first thing that professionals do is clean the filter because a filter keeps the contamination out of your heating system. If your filter is clogged with dirt and dust, it won’t do the work. It is cleaned by brushing out the dust and dirt, and if your filter is too old, the HVAC team may replace it with a new one. Filters should be clean at the start of the heating season.

  • Cleaning Blower And Motor

Blower cleaning involves cleaning the blower assembly, belts and pulleys, motor housing, and the fan. To get access to the blower, experts first remove the filers. After cleaning the blower from the outside, the next step is to clean its insides. The fan is detached to enter the inside of the blower. Cleaning up inside involves brushing the dust and debris and removing it with the vacuum cleaner. All the belts, blades of fans, and pulleys are brushed and wiped. If you have a furnace with a squirrel cage, make sure to get it cleaned often by heating repair in Los Angeles, CA, as it is more likely to catch dirt and dust.

  • Lubrication

Lubrication is done to ensure all the parts of the furnace units work smoothly. The team may inspect your unit for repairs and replacement. If any damaged part is found, you can schedule an overall tune-up.

Cleaning a furnace is necessary for its smooth functioning and preventing damages that an unclean furnace may cause. Platinum Air Conditioning Inc is a professional HVAC service provider based in California. If you’re looking for the best quality HVAC repair in Los Angeles at affordable prices, then this is the right place for you. Visit our website to know more. Contact us at (818) 464-4292.