What Does It Mean When Your AC Unit Blows Out Hot Air?

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The scorching summer of Los Angeles is too harsh to tolerate without an air conditioning unit, but what if your AC starts blowing hot air? Many HVAC owners struggle with the problem of AC blowing hot air.

Several reasons are responsible for this. Before booking an air conditioning repair in Los Angeles, you should look for these signs. If you find any issues with your AC blowing hot air, then it is likely that your AC unit needs an urgent repair. 

Checklist for AC Repairs

  • Thermostat Temperature

Check the AC thermostat, if it is in the on position, and set it to cool mode. Also, verify the temperature. It should be at least 5 degrees less than the room temperature. If there is any problem with the temperature settings, you can reset the thermostat temperature and fix the problem.

If temperature variations have become repetitive, you should look for a new and programmable thermostat. If you keep your windows and doors open, this will lead to an increase in the room temperature, the rapidly increasing heat results in improper AC cooling and hot airflow. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the windows and door closed.

  • Cooling System Service Span

Many HVAC owners avoid servicing their AC annually and later wonder why their AC is not functioning well. Make sure you don’t neglect the annual AC tune-up. If you have skipped the AC tune-up service, schedule a maintenance service soon.

Prefer getting your AC serviced every spring and fall. If you don’t rely on your AC for the whole day, you can schedule servicing only once a year, and spring is the most suitable time to do this.

  • Last Time you Cleaned your Cooling Unit

If you have not cleaned your AC for a long time, too much accumulation of dirt inside can be the reason behind AC blowing hot air.

You need a vacuum, a water hose, coil cleaning spray, and detergent to start with the cleaning process. Replace the air filters every 4 to 8 weeks. You can replace it once in 90 days if you live in a less crowded region.

  • Obstruction Where AC Unit is Installed

Ensure that the area where your AC got installed is free of any obstruction. There should be no air flow restricting things nearby. If the air gets restricted, cooling the room becomes difficult. Remove the restriction, if there is any.

  • AC Needs Refrigerant Filling

When an air conditioner unit does not have enough coolant, it stops blowing cool air, and all you get during summer is hot air flow. Get it inspected by the technician to know whether your AC needs refrigerant or not.


For ventilation, you can look for a mechanical ventilation system, or you can open windows for a few hours when the outside temperature is moderate.

If there is any other problem with your system, Platinum Air Conditioning Inc. can help you. We provide maintenance, installation, indoor air quality, ductless HVAC, and AC repair in Los Angeles