Ventilation In Beverly Hills, CA

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Ventilation In Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Burbank, CA and Surrounding Areas

Premiere Mechanical Ventilation Service in Beverly Hills, CA

When people think of HVAC systems, they typically think of furnaces and air conditioning —the “H” and “AC” part. Most people skip over “V,” which stands for ventilation. However, in this day and age, having adequate ventilation in your home or office building is crucial. Contact Us Today for Ventilation In Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Burbank, CA and Surrounding Areas.

If you’re looking for a professional HVAC service that can install ventilation in Beverly Hills, CA, Platinum Air Conditioning has you covered. 

What is Mechanical Ventilation?

Mechanical ventilation consists of any system that helps circulate fresh, outdoor air through a building’s interior. Typically, a mechanical ventilation system relies on a combination of exterior fans and existing ductwork to continually recycle the building’s air supply. 

Why go to the trouble of installing a ventilation system? Don’t buildings naturally breathe?

While it’s true that almost any structure will exchange small amounts of air through windows, doors, and other cracks and porous building materials, this simple level of transfer isn’t enough to properly refresh an entire building’s air supply. And without fresh air, harmful dust, moisture, viruses, and bacteria can settle inside the building, affecting the health of its tenants.  

What are the Types of Mechanical Ventilation?

Mechanical ventilation isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; there are different types, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The major mechanical ventilation systems include: 

  • Exhaust
  • Supply
  • Balanced

Exhaust is the simplest and most common type, drawing old, stale air out mechanically while relying on cracks and gaps in your home to replace the air naturally. 

Supply works in the opposite direction. Fans pump new air into your home while cracks, gaps, and pores seep out the old air. 

Balanced systems employ a mix of the two to keep air circulating efficiently throughout your home or office. 

Mechanical Ventilation with Platinum Air Conditioning

Ventilation is a critical part of a building’s HVAC systems. Given the presence of new and emerging healthcare concerns, you cannot allow stale, stagnant air to build up inside the interior of your home or office building. Platinum Air Conditioning is the premier provider of HVAC ventilation in Beverly Hills, CA. Please contact us today to discuss installation of your very own mechanical ventilation system. 

Contact Us Today for Ventilation In Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Burbank, CA and Surrounding Areas