Tips To Keep Your Gas Furnace In Its Best Condition

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Your gas furnace is responsible for keeping your home warm in the bitter winter season. The typical lifespan of a gas furnace is 15 – 30 years, but if you do not take its proper care, it will break down before fulfilling its duties.

You should contact your HVAC company for the regular furnace tune-up in Los Angeles to maintain the efficiency of your gas furnace. If you are looking for some best tips to maintain your gas furnace for more years to come, continue reading further and follow these tips:

Safe Conditions

The gas furnace runs on natural gas. Natural gas is both useful and harmful to us under specific conditions. You should be careful and take the right safety measures for your gas furnace. Ensure that you turn the power supply off of your gas furnace before cleaning and check for any gas leakages. Call any heating contractors in Los Angeles to fix the leakage problem.

Filter System

The filter system in your gas furnace is responsible for keeping the dirt and dust away from the furnace. If the filter is dirty, your heating system will start malfunctioning, and you may have to pay more than what you would have in the beginning. Clean or replace your filter frequently as per the need of your gas furnace system to avoid this problem.


A thermostat is a sensitive part of your gas furnace system. After working for years, it may face technical issues that only a technician can solve during a furnace tune-up in Los Angeles. Check the thermostat, replace its batteries frequently, and call for professional help if you cannot find the real problem with it.


As the name suggests, a blower blows the warm air into the duct network, which later enters your rooms. The blower is right after the air filter, and if the air filter catches any dirt or dust, it goes straight to the blower. You may feel that there is more dirt and dust in your rooms, or your family members have increased allergies and breathing problems if the blower gets dirty. Clean the blower when you clean the air filter to remove all dirt and dust from the system.

Furnace Ducts

If there are any leakages in the furnace ducts, the warm air will escape into the walls, and the rooms will not warm up no matter how long the gas furnace runs. If the ducts are dirty, the rooms will get dirty too. Clean the ducts with a high-power vacuum cleaner and cover them to prevent leakages.


A blocked ventilation system can be hazardous to you and your family members. Clean them frequently using a large brush and a vacuum cleaner to remove all types of dirt and dust from them.

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