Signs You Should Schedule HVAC System Maintenance

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Many homeowners pay little attention to their HVAC system throughout the year until something goes wrong with their unit. A minimum of twice-yearly maintenance, once for the heating system in the fall and once for the cooling system in the spring, can help your system operate properly throughout the whole year. 

It is necessary to do routine maintenance and HVAC repair in Los Angeles, when required, to sustain your systems’ efficiency. The following are signs that your HVAC system may require maintenance, especially if it has been a while since the last time it was serviced.

Signs That It Is Time for HVAC Maintenance

  • Unusual Noises

Clicking, buzzing, humming, or clanking sounds that air conditioner models are known to generate can be extremely disturbing. A malfunctioning HVAC system could make it more difficult to have quiet time at home. Unusual noise may also be due to improper HVAC installations in Los Angeles.

  •  Increased Electric Bills

When you keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round, your heating and cooling costs will inevitably increase. During various seasons of the year, you should anticipate higher-than-average energy costs. 

Even though a problem with your HVAC system may not always cause a sudden increase in your energy bill, if so, you need assistance. Immediately schedule a tune-up if you see random changes in your monthly energy costs.

  • Inadequate Airflow

The issue of inadequate airflow may be caused by a blocked condenser, leaking ductwork, or clogged filters. It is recommended to change your filters every three months.

  • The Old Age Of The System

Your air conditioner has a limited lifespan, and at some point, the required maintenance will no longer be adequate to keep it working. The average lifespan of an HVAC system is between eight and ten years. 

Regular maintenance could keep the HVAC system working for a few more years. There can be a problem with your HVAC system if you observe excessively high dust or humidity in your home. If there is dust in your home, it may be necessary to clean and seal the HVAC system.

  • Frequent Cycling

A poorly calibrated thermostat may also cause your air conditioner to cycle on and off more frequently than usual. This issue, also known as short cycling, might cause an air conditioner to operate for shorter durations only to turn back on after a few minutes. As a result, a thermostat that has lost its calibration and is providing an inaccurate temperature reading is another potential cause of the issue. 

There is a strong possibility that your air conditioner is short-cycling if it cycles on and off in less than five minutes. As a result, your air conditioner may require HVAC repairs in Los Angeles, or the thermostat may be the sole component requiring adjustment.


If you are experiencing similar issues, do not delay calling for maintenance or repairs on your air conditioner. The dependable experts at Platinum Air Conditioning are available to assist you with your air conditioning problems so that your home may once again regain its sense of comfort.

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