Signs Of Furnace Overheating And How To Reset It

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Furnaces are among the essential appliances of a house since they maintain warm insulation for the home during the cold season. With age however, they are subject to normal wear and tear and are susceptible to common problems that all furnaces face. Overheating is one of these issues. Your furnace may suffer several damaging effects from overheating and may cost you repair. 

1. How To Detect a Furnace Overheating?

  • Foul Burning Smell 

If you just switched on your furnace and smelled burning, overheating may be to blame. Furnaces generally produce a burning scent, but only when you first switch them on after a while. However, if this has persisted for many days, it may be a sign that your furnace is overheating.

  • The Furnace Keeps Turning Off

After heating your home, your furnace may shut off and not turn on again. Overheating is the root of this problem. The furnace has heated your room, but it takes a while to cool. If you notice this issue, we advise you to contact us at Platinum Air Conditioning and speak with our HVAC expert for furnace repair in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Humming/Unusual Sounds

A blower motor operates to dissipate heat. However, your blower motor is responsible if your furnace has trouble distributing heat. Check it properly since a damaged blower motor is a major problem.

2. Factors That Lead To Furnace’s Overheating

  • Limited Airflow

The air filter and ducts send hot air from the furnace to the vents. A blockage in the hot air passage causes the air to bottle up, raising the interior parts’ temperature. The furnace overheats as a result of this

  • Short Cycling

The furnace shuts off too quickly before heating the inside room sufficiently. The furnace then restarts since the area isn’t sufficiently heated. The blower motor and furnace heat exchanger heat up due to the shorter on-and-off cycles that result from this.

  • Dirt Deposits

In addition to the air filter, various other furnace parts can accumulate dust and debris over time.

3. How To Reset Your Overheated Furnace?

Take the following steps to reset your furnace: 

  • Set the thermostat at the lowest possible temperature.
  • Turn off the furnace’s power. Cut off the main gas line if it’s a gas furnace. However, keep the pilot’s gas lines on.
  • Hold a match to relight the pilot light if it is out.
  • Turn on the gas supply and press the reset button.
  • For 30 seconds, hold down the reset button. Now, turn the furnace and adjust the thermostat to a normal setting.

Your furnace might need to be reset to fix the problem. If not, look up heating repair in Los Angeles and contact us. As certified experts in this field, we can assist you with this and our professionals should handle such problems since they have the expertise and know-how.


You can find heating contractors near me if you live in Los Angeles. At Platinum Air Conditioning, we promise to solve your HVAC-related problems! Please contact us if you have further questions or would like an estimate.