Role Of A Freon Or Refrigerant In An Air Conditioner

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We all know, Los Angeles is quite hot in summer. To have greater comfort and convenience during these periods, a trend that grows every day is air conditioning.

However, many people have doubts about the refrigerant used in this equipment. Any problem with the refrigerant can affect its efficiency and performance, and you may need an AC tune-up in Los Angeles.

What Is A Freon?

Freon or a refrigerant is a compound usually found in a solid or liquid state. The refrigerant fluid is a component inserted into the air conditioner that can change one physical state (gas or liquid) to another in the refrigeration cycle.

When combined with other components such as compressors and evaporators, this substance quickly absorbs heat from the environment and provides refrigeration or air conditioning.

Moreover, if any problem occurs in an air conditioner’s refrigerant, it can signify an AC repair in Los Angeles.

How Does Freon Work In An Air Conditioner?

Without freon, there would be no cooling or refrigeration in an air conditioner. Air conditioners contain freon gas inside the copper coils, absorbing heat from the internal environment to transform the low-pressure gas into a high-pressure liquid.

The other components of the appliance push the gas into the condenser, where a fan blows hot air into the copper coil and dissipates the heat outside. The freon then cools and reverts to a low-pressure gas. Another fan in the indoor unit (evaporator) blows air into the cold coil to distribute it throughout the room. The cycle then repeats.

We must remember that this is a process that involves a lot of pressure. Therefore, AC maintenance in Los Angeles is essential to prevent leaks and keep the AC working properly.

How Often Does Freon Need To Be Added?

If your air conditioner is functioning fine, it will not require a refrigerant. An air conditioner system requires refrigerant or freon only if there are leakages in the system. Otherwise, you never have to add freon to your system.

How To Detect And Resolve A Freon Leak In An Air Conditioner?

One of the ways to detect this leak is exactly the perception that your air conditioner is not working as it should. With the loss of gas, the equipment begins to have less air conditioning efficiency, as it is not consuming all the gas it needs to function properly.

Other signs of refrigerant leakage include frozen coils, hissing sounds from the system, and a sudden rise in the energy bills.

If you notice this problem, call a professional for AC repair in Los Angeles immediately, as a technician has the right equipment to detect gas leaks and help you resolve this issue. Ensure that the technician repairs the leak before adding refrigerant.

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