Reasons You Should Get An AC Tune-Up

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Until the outside temperature rises or the AC unit starts to malfunction, we do not give our AC unit much thought. Everybody has heard or experienced a story of an AC unit failing on the hottest day of the year. This nightmare can be avoided by routinely arranging an AC tune-up in Los Angeles.

A specialist will check the unit’s components to ensure they are all functional and identify any requiring additional maintenance. Most experts will likely resolve the issue during your tune-up, depending on the specifics of the issue.

Things a Tune-up For An Air Conditioner Includes:

While each manufacturer has its guidelines for upkeep, an average air conditioner tune-up will often involve the following tasks:

  • Swapping out the air filter.
  • Cleaning the blower and air handler.
  • Checking the plenum and air ducts.
  • Coordinating supply and return airflow.
  • Blower belt adjustment.
  • Lubricating pulleys, bearings, and other moving parts.
  • Evaporator, condenser, and condensate drain cleaning.
  • The electrical and safety systems are being examined.
  • Testing the relay and starting the capacitor circuit.
  • Measuring the current of the blower motor, compressor, and fan.
  • Checking the zoning controls and the thermostat.
  • Assessing the effectiveness and performance of the entire system.

What May Go Wrong Without Routine AC Maintenance?

  • Warm temperatures

As indoor humidity and temperature levels can increase, this could indicate that you need to replace your air filter or that your system has insufficient refrigerant.

  • Water leaks

If water appears dripping from your air conditioner, you may have a problem with the refrigerant that creates cool air for your home. Such issues will be discovered early on by routine AC tune-ups.

  • Extreme humidity

Besides keeping cool, controlling indoor humidity is another benefit of running your air conditioner during a heat wave. You may encounter damp and uncomfortable conditions if your AC isn’t functioning correctly.

  • Unusual noises

Unusual noises, such as buzzing or pounding, will likely be heard when your unit hasn’t been tuned.

The Significance of Maintenance

Your air conditioning system will benefit from routine maintenance in several ways, including:

  • Increased effectiveness

When your air conditioner is cleaned and maintained, it will consume less energy to keep your home cool.

  • Affordable utility costs

You can anticipate affordable electricity costs using less energy.

  • More excellent dependability

By inspecting your air conditioner frequently, you can identify problems early, decreasing the likelihood of failure.

  • Budget-friendly repair costs

Lessening wear through routine maintenance will result in fewer component failures and cheaper repair costs.

  • Longer system life

When your air conditioner is maintained correctly, it should last longer and experience fewer issues.

  • Comfortably enhanced

A well-maintained air conditioning system will provide better cooling results, lower humidity levels, and higher air quality.

A well-functioning unit is also an efficient one, and an efficient one saves you money. Without your knowing, your unit could be working twice as hard to cool your house, wasting more of your hard-earned money.

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