How To Get Your Heating System Ready For Winter?

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Getting routine maintenance of your heating system is important for its longevity and health. The process includes cleaning the components, inspecting the safety controls, determining the levels of carbon monoxide, lubricating moving parts, making minor repairs and adjustments, and much more. 

Other measures to prepare your system can include furnace repair in Beverly Hills if necessary. Maximise the benefits of your heating system to prepare for the forthcoming winter season and do not delay servicing your unit.

Steps To Prepare Your Heating System For Winter

  • Change The Air Filters

Changing the air filter in the heating system is a relatively simple procedure we conduct during most heating system tune-ups. A clogged filter might make your system work harder or cause it to shut down, necessitating immediate servicing. It is important to clean dirt and dust from boiler-equipped homes and test the damper and exhaust fan to verify proper operation.

  • Inspect The Thermostat 

Test the system by switching it from cooling to heating well before the weather changes, and set the right temperature of the thermostat a few degrees higher than the room’s current temperature. You should hear the heat beginning to activate. If it does not, this is a warning sign that you need heating repairs in Beverly Hills, CA, before the weather becomes cold.

  • Use The Furnace at Least Three Times Before Winter 

It would be best if you run your furnace considerably in the early fall to confirm that everything is functioning correctly. Before turning off the air conditioner, wait until the interior temperature reaches the ideal level for the winter season. Adjust the thermostat accordingly.

  • Examine and Lubricate the System’s Components

Carbon accumulation or even small creatures may inhabit chimneys. A trained professional should conduct regular inspections and heating repairs in Beverly Hills. In addition, ensure that your carbon monoxide detectors are regularly inspected and updated to protect you from the “silent killer.”

Refer to the manual to see if your motor is of the lubrication-required variety. In this situation, the power must be switched off, the lid must be opened, and the bearing caps must be cleaned.

  • Check the Ductwork

Before you turn on your heater for the winter, you should check the ducts in your heating system. Leaks are a common cause of insufficient heating across the entire residence.

  • Clean Your Air Ducts

It is advised that you have your ducts cleaned before the season arrives. If not, dust or debris in the vents will be distributed when you switch on the heating system.

  • Clean Any Outside Chimneys and Exhaust Vents

While the weather is favorable, you should confirm that there are no obstructions in the chimneys and vents. A blocked duct or vent can enable carbon monoxide to enter your home. It is the primary thing you should do while performing pre-season maintenance.


Contact a reliable HVAC company such as Platinum Air Conditioning to schedule heating system maintenance in the fall. We can inspect your heater and guide you about heating repair service in Beverly Hills, CA if required. 

In addition to cleaning your heat exchanger and evaluating your exhaust flue, it is important to lubricate and clean your blower motor, inspect it for cracks or corrosion, and do additional tasks. We are happy to assist you with any problems your system may be facing.