How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

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Like most machines, the air conditioners also need regular servicing for better performance. Suppose you don’t get your AC frequently serviced. The chances of wear and tear increase in the long run. Platinum Air Conditioning Inc. provides you with a reliable AC maintenance service in Los Angeles.

Knowing how often you should service your AC is the first step to ensuring it will keep running as effectively as possible.

Specific Intervals

If you own an HVAC unit, it is advisable to get it serviced twice a year, once during winter and spring. That will give your AC six months to run smoothly.

In addition to getting your AC serviced by a professional, you can take care of the unit by regularly cleaning the filters.

Advantages of Maintenance Contracts

When you buy an air conditioner, the company provides you with Maintenance Contracts which include AC servicing twice a year. However, contracts differ based on the company.
Here are some advantages of maintenance contracts:

1. Priority Service

The HVAC company treats you as a priority when you sign-up for a maintenance contract. So, you no longer have to wait for the technician to get your AC serviced.

2. Frequent Supervision

An HVAC service provider will provide you with the best technicians who will be on-site for regular supervision. When you get frequent check-ups for your AC, it prevents damage in the long run. The company makes sure your AC gets servicing and maintenance in scheduled intervals.

3. Affordable Repairs and Accessories

If you get the repairs at an extremely high cost, you probably should sign up for a maintenance contract. As a result of these contracts, the company offers you discounts on repairs and accessories for the HVAC system.

While signing up for the maintenance contracts, the company asks you to pay the money before the services. It helps in cost-effectively servicing the units.

Tips for AC Maintenance

1. Clean and Change Filters

One of the primary tips to follow is changing and cleaning the HVAC filters. Over the months, the filters get layered with dust and debris. It could hamper the performance of AC and thus clean it regularly.

2. Clean the Areas Near the Condenser

It is essential to clean the areas near the condenser to avoid any blockage in the system. Small twigs and grass can enter and jam the system. Wires of the condenser can also harm domestic animals if they come in contact or chew it.

3. Look for Clogs and Built-Ups

Over the months, humidity can cause build-ups near the ducts or the blower. Make sure you clean those areas to prevent blockages.
The condensate drains of the HVAC unit get dirty, especially during the spring season. Thus, clean the condensate drains by pouring vinegar on them. It can clear out the jams and not cause clogged drains and overflowing drains.

It is a must to get regular check-ups for your AC for its better performance. A poorly managed AC can cause inconveniences within a year or two. If you want to repair your AC and get it ready before the scorching heat, contact us for air conditioner repair services in Los Angeles.