How Many Times Should The AC Need Service?

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When it comes to the Los Angeles climate, we are fortunate to have some amazing weather for most of the year. However, the summer may become a little hot at times, and you may need a little more help to stay nice and cool. An unpleasant scenario may emerge when your air conditioner fails to work as it should when you need it most, which might be prevented with frequent air conditioning repair and maintenance. But what exactly does “regular servicing” imply?

What Does an Air Conditioning Service Entail?

A service should cover the following to guarantee that your air conditioner is performing at its best whenever you need it:

  • Clean or change the filters.
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils.
  • Check that the coil fins are in the correct position, and if they aren’t, use a ‘fin comb’ or equivalent instrument to comb them back into place.
  • Clean the drain channels if necessary.
  • Examine the pressures.
  • If it is a window air conditioner, make sure the seal between the windows and the system is not damaged by moisture.
  • Examine all parts, including the engine and the blower.
  • Check the thermostat’s accuracy.

Should You Get Your AC Serviced Regularly?

Yes, in a word. Routine servicing and maintenance of your air conditioner can help you avoid short-term and long-term issues. AC contractors in Los Angeles, CA, recommend that all residential air conditioning units be serviced at least once a year to verify that everything is in working order.

However, the usage of your unit may indicate that a more frequent maintenance schedule is more suitable, especially if your air conditioning unit is active for most of the summer months. If this is the case, having your system examined before and after summer is recommended to guarantee peak performance.

Why is AC Service Required?

There are many advantages to having your air conditioner serviced once a year. After the service, your air conditioner will be more reliable, and you will be less concerned about significant problems.
You’ll have more confidence in your air conditioner’s ability to keep your home cool throughout next year’s warmer months. If any issues arise throughout the service, they may be handled before they become serious, resulting in higher and unexpected charges.
Air conditioning service saves you money in the most obvious way. Fixing a little leak is far less expensive than replacing a whole component.


Once a year, a skilled technician must service your air conditioner. It guarantees that your device is ready to go when you need it. Servicing also identifies and resolves issues before they become more serious.

If you have any concerns about AC servicing, our services, or how we can assist, contact us. We will guarantee your air conditioning maintains you at the proper temperature all year. Call us today at (818) 464-4292 or schedule online today.

An ineffective air conditioner may be annoying. Routine servicing will ensure that all moving components are lubricated, the refrigerant level is optimal, and no difficulties emerge that might harm the quality of the air your AC produces. You shouldn’t wait until your AC generates warmer air or makes strange noises before calling for an HVAC repair in Los Angeles, such as Platinum Air Conditioning Inc.