How Long Can An Air Conditioner Operate Nonstop?

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The lifespan of an AC is a topic that many homeowners have on their mind. Numerous factors influence how long your AC unit will last. If your AC seems to be running nonstop, it will cost you more money. Keep in mind that scheduling regular AC services in Los Angeles makes it simple to stay on top of avoidable AC issues.

Time is Taken to Complete a Refrigeration Cycle in An AC System

The time it takes for an air conditioner to cool a room to the appropriate temperature is between 10 and 20 minutes. The compressor moves from the evaporator to the expansion device and subsequently to the condenser. The cycle restarts as soon as the processed air reaches the compressor and returns to its initial state.

The number of cycles an air conditioner should complete in an hour should be between two and three. Contact an expert in AC services in Los Angeles to solve the issue if you discover that the cycle time is more significant or shorter than you anticipated or if the cycling continues.

Reasons Your Air Conditioner Runs All The Time

Here are several explanations if you believe your air conditioner is operating for an excessive amount of time:

  • AC leaking

Your device might have a refrigerant leak if you notice a puddle underneath your air conditioner or if it is hissing or bubbling at you. Never let the refrigerant in your air conditioner run low. Call a specialist for AC repair in Los Angeles.

  • Insulation quality

Your home’s interior insulation keeps the air cool in the summer. Lack of insulation causes a significant amount of the air you pay to cool, to actually escape.

  • The temperature of the ambient air

The warmer it is, the more time it takes for your air conditioner to achieve your ideal temperature. It is especially true during periods of excessive humidity. On scorching days, it’s normal for your air conditioner to run more regularly.

  • Setting the thermostat’s temperature

In the summer, the lower the thermostat setting, the longer the air conditioner will take to cool you down. Even though you might desire your house to be as cool as possible, changing the temperature by one or two degrees will shorten the lifespan of your air conditioner.

  • The size of your air conditioner

The most important aspect of an air conditioning unit is the size of your air conditioning system. A sizable air conditioner will shorten the running period to less than 10 minutes. It is short cycling when your air conditioner cools down your home too quickly.

Short cycling has an impact on your home’s humidity level as well. An oversized air conditioner would cool the air. Still, it would not reduce the humidity indoors, making you feel suffocated even though the air conditioner is blowing cold air at you.

  • SEER power of an air conditioner

SEER ratings assist in determining and forecasting production and operational effectiveness. Technicians advise getting an air conditioning unit with a SEER rating of more than 13.

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