How Do You Unclog An AC Drain Line?

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If your drain line is not appropriately cleaned regularly, it could lead to decreased proficiency and enhanced possibilities of more critical difficulties. For example, when drain lines grow clogged with algae and mold, your home could turn out to be more sticky and be at risk for water damage — none of which is pleasant or convenient to deal with! Before seeking help from AC repair in Los Angeles, CA, you can give it a shot to learn your drain line yourself.

Five Simple Steps to Unclog Your AC Drain

Take a Gander at The Accompanying Steps to Check For a Clog in Your Drain Line, And Unclog it if Required.


Step 1. Gather Essential Supplies

You can unclog your AC drain line with a couple of regular household items without calling help for AC tune up in Los Angeles! Few handy supplies to collect before you work on your drain line carry distilled vinegar, a pipe, a wet/dry vacuum, and some dry washcloths.

Step 2. Switch Your AC Off

Make sure to kill the power to the AC system from both your thermostat and your breaker before you start. This is a safer way to start; you’ll also have the option to hear better for any leaking water while you work.

Step 3. Locate The Drain Pan

Several drain pans are discovered right beneath the AC unit, although an access panel sometimes covers them. Examine this drain pan, and if there is stagnant water inside, your drain line may be clogged. Try to dry the pan with the help of a vacuum or washcloths.

Step 4. Locate The Drain Line And Disconnect The Hose

You can find your drain line by looking near the outside unit of your AC. As soon as you discover it, disconnect the hose from the unit.

Step 5. Unclog Drain Line

One primary way of unclogging a drain line is by using suction! If you have a decent handheld or shop vacuum, you may have the option to unclog the drain line with your suction hose quickly. You may even want to inspect the vacuum’s collection canister afterward to guarantee that the clog has been eliminated from the drain line.

You should not be fixated on unclogging your drain line without seeking the help of an AC tune up in Los Angeles.

Another fantastic technique of cleaning out your condensate drain line is using distilled vinegar. Have a go at opening the drain plug and pour ¼ cup of vinegar into the drain. This may take a few hours to work, so you’ll have to be patient.

Other great options to consider, incorporate using a plumber’s snake or running water from your garden hose. The potent power of running water is great at pushing out minor clogs in your drain line.

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