How Do You Stop Your Heater From Making Noise?

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If you’re worried that your furnace or gas heater is generating a lot of noise, you should figure out what’s causing it and if it’s a “normal” sound or a warning that anything is wrong with your heating system.

Learn about some unusual noises that a heating system could produce and what they signify for the condition of your system.

1. The Banging of the Furnace

If the furnace makes a loud boom when it turns on, it might be an ignition problem. The gas valve opens when a furnace receives a signal from the thermostat to start a cycle. The gas should be ignited immediately by the ignition system or pilot light.

2. Whistling in the Furnace

Furnace whistling happens for the same reason as human whistling does: something interferes with the airflow. Whistling is usually done by pursing your lips as you exhale to generate the sounds. A furnace might whistle due to an obstruction, like an air filter that needs to be cleaned or replaced.

A blocked return, debris in the ductwork, and closed vents or dampers are all potential reasons for a whistling sound in your furnace. Cleaning the ducts, filter, and returning and opening the vents and dampers may be enough to remedy the problem. Just contact our experts from heating repair in Los Angeles.

3. Clunky Furnace

A problem with the fan is one of the reasons a furnace may make a banging noise. The blades of the blower fan, for example, might collide with the walls or other sections of the furnace if it gets misaligned. A fan belt that has cracked or split and is striking other materials as it turns might also be the source of a clunking or banging noise in a furnace.

If your furnace starts to “clunk clunk” at any point, you should switch it off and contact a specialist from our heating repair in Los Angeles, ca, and they will inspect it.

4. Rumbling Furnace

You could hear a mild woosh or a booming sound as your furnace turns on to finish a cycle. However, if that pleasant roar becomes a deep rumbling, it might indicate problems. A faulty burner most likely causes the rumble if it is loud and remains even after the furnace has finished a cycle and been turned off.

After the furnace cycle, oil or gas may stay in the combustion chamber. The fuel continues to burn, resulting in the rumbling sounds you hear from the furnace.

5. Screeching or Scraping of the Furnace

It might be the case if you hear a screaming or scraping sound from the furnace as if a piece of metal is being dragged over another piece of metal. The blower fan blades may have come free and pulled against the furnace casing.

A scraping sound might also indicate that other Furnace elements have become loose. If you’re not sure what’s causing the noise, switch off the furnace and call a specialist to inspect it.

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