How Do You Know That Your Air Conditioner is Broken?

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The summer in Los Angeles, CA, can be pretty hot. With the rising temperatures, air conditioners tend to use more energy and work hard to keep your rooms cool. Using excess energy can lead to sudden breakdowns. As a homeowner, you may have to schedule frequent AC repairs in Los Angeles, CA, to keep the AC working till the end of summer.

So, What Should You Do?

Regular maintenance and tune-ups can help you prevent sudden breakdowns. Testing your air conditioning unit for warning signs before the summer season can help you detect problems and perform repairs without wasting time. Air conditioner repairs in Los Angeles are available at affordable prices. They are easy to schedule and cost-effective too! Wondering what the signs of Air Conditioner Breakdown are?

Here Are 4 Signs That Indicate Air Conditioner Breakdown –

  • No Cooling

If you are facing inefficient or no cooling, then it’s time to get your air conditioner repaired in Los Angeles. As a homeowner experiencing inefficient cooling, you have to check the thermostat and switch it to cooling mode; or you can set the temperature lower than your home’s current temperature and wait till you experience a difference.

If you continue to experience warm air from the vents, then you may have to check for blockages in the airflow or compressor with the help of an HVAC technician. Get your AC repair in Los Angeles without any further delay!

  • Increased Frequency of Cooling Cycles

A typical cooling cycle lasts for 15-20 minutes, and it repeats as per the temperature in the surroundings. However, if you experience an increased frequency of cooling cycles, it means that the AC is working very hard to keep your surroundings cool. Eventually, it renders the AC inefficient, and you may have to call for AC repair in Los Angeles, CA. A proper AC tune-up can solve this matter and get the AC working within no time!

  • Humidity Within Your Home/Workplace

An Air Conditioner has the capability of adapting to different temperatures and weather conditions. If it is sultry weather outside, the AC should moderate humidity levels automatically and blow-dry, cool air to make the room comfortable. However, if you experience very little cooling and increased humidity at home, you may have to call for air conditioner repair in Los Angeles. It is a sign of breakdown that can be fixed easily.

  • Pungent Smell in Rooms And Noise Issues

If you experience a pungent smell from your air conditioner, it may result from bacterial growth in your air conditioner. You have to schedule an AC repair in Los Angeles with the technician to find out the cause and eliminate the odor. Ultraviolet Lamps can help kill the bacteria too!

If you experience rattling or buzzing, it indicates that some parts of the AC are loose and need a quick repair. Call the AC technician and schedule an air conditioner repair in Los Angeles today!

Therefore, homeowners will have to check for these signs before they schedule AC repairs. Are you yet to schedule your AC repair in Los Angeles, CA? Platinum Air Conditioning Inc offers the best professional services. Call them at (818) 464-4292 and book your appointment today!