How Do You Know If Your HVAC Furnace Ignitor Isn’t Working?

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Deep slumbers during the winters feel great unless your furnace just gave up because of a faulty ignitor. To prevent such a thing from happening, be prepared beforehand. We suggest you take precautions and reduce the possibility of your furnace needing repairs.

How Does A Furnace Ignitor Work?

Before understanding what is wrong with your furnace ignitor, you need to understand its mechanism. It is the connection point between the thermostat and the main heating medium of your furnace. An ignitor is responsible for heating the furnace on being instructed by the thermostat.

Detect Faulty Furnace Ignitors

Besides the obvious sign of your furnace entirely breaking down, some other indications point towards a faulty ignitor.

  • Short Cycles

Switching on and off is not a great sign. It usually happens because the ignitor shuts off as soon as it detects a safety hazard, causing short cycles. Check electrical and gas lines, depending on the type of HVAC system you own.

  • Cold Air

Unless you set a lower temperature, there is no reason for your furnace to be blowing out cold air. It means either the thermostat or the ignitor has stopped working.

  • Drip Pan

The drip and drain pan is located right below the furnace, allowing condensed water to leave the system. Instead of being drained, the water collects and clogs the system sometimes, posing a threat to the electrical lines and your furnace. Drip pan malfunction can be an underlying issue causing short cycles.

  • Frequent Repairs

If you have to repair the furnace ignitor constantly, maybe it is about time to replace the whole part. Furnaces have a lifeline of 10 to 20 years normally. Instead of trying to hold on to the old HV AC unit and repairing it every year, get a newer brand with improved services, and be kind to your family.

Furnace Ignitor Replacement And Repair

The cost of a furnace ignitor ranges between $30 to $50. That is just the individual cost, excluding the technician charges. A total replacement can amount to $150 without including overall furnace maintenance services.

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Steps To Clean Furnace Ignitor

You can try cleaning the furnace ignitor yourself. Switch off the power, disconnect wires, and loosen the components before cleaning. Because it is easy to break the ignitor, gently use soft items to rub it clean. Please put it back and test your furnace to make sure everything is still working.

Maintaining your furnace is enough to keep your ignitor in good condition; a few inspections from the professionals and your furnace will be just fine. We have the experts who are extra careful not just with your ignitor but the entire furnace while servicing and help you enjoy the winters without any heating unit breakdowns. Platinum Air Conditioning Inc provides emergency services on request, online, or at (818) 464-4292. We simplify and guarantee reliable heating service in Los Angeles for residents as well as commercial owners.