How Do You Know If Your AC Drain Line Is Clogged?

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Thinking about what’s wrong with your AC unit? It may very well be your AC drain line. There are some basic signs to make you mindful of the four most basic signs your AC drain line is clogged. After going through these signs, if you’re certain that your AC drain is clogged, you will surely need to contact a reliable AC repair in Los Angeles, CA.

What is an AC Drain Line?

Your AC unit not just cools your home, it deals with its moistness as well. The evaporator coil eliminates dampness from your home’s air and transforms it into water. This water drains into a pan situated in your unit, then leaves your unit through the drain line. The drain line is normally a PVC pipe. The water that streams out of it commonly streams onto the ground outside. With time soil, goo, gunk, rust, and algae block the drain line. This will keep water from clearing out of the evaporator coil. Watch out for these signs, and if you notice any of them, call AC tune-up in Los Angeles right away!

Signs Your AC Drain Line is Clogged


Coming up Next Are The Four Most Common Signs That The AC Drain Line is Clogged.


1. Stagnant Water

The clearest sign that your AC drain line is clogged is stagnant water around your open-air unit. When the drain line is clogged up, water will pool around the unit. If, by any chance, you notice having water around your AC unit, screen it for a couple of days to be certain that the hole is from the AC unit. If it is, bring in an AC proficient at the earliest opportunity.

2. Full Condensate Pan

Normally, AC units have a condensate or drainage container intended to gather dampness if there should be an occurrence of a drain line stop up. When the condensate container is full, it demonstrates that the drain line isn’t working.

3. Water Damage

In genuine instances of drain line blockage, water damage can happen to your home. When a drain line is genuinely clogged for an all-inclusive timeframe, the AC unit will quit working. As soon as this occurs, your home won’t be dehumidified. This will permit dampness to gather and could prompt water damage on floors, dividers, and roofs.

4. Musty Odor

There are plenty of sources of musty-smelling scents in the home. If you have investigated your home for leaks, water damage, and mold development and presently can’t seem to discover the source of the smell; it’s possible the shortcoming of a clogged drain line. When moisture can’t deplete to the outside, it gathers in the unit, causing mold formation. This mold then moves through your AC unit and is conveyed all through your home.

Have you seen the signs that your drain line is clogged? Need it cleaned? Call AC Repair in Los Angeles, CA.

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