How Do You Fix Your Heating System?

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Every home needs an efficient heating system to provide a comfortable environment during the colder season. However, most homeowners need to know what is happening inside the system. So, when the system malfunctions or there is a minor issue, it is highly suggested to contact a trusted company for furnace replacement in Los Angeles. Platinum Air Conditioning offers superior HVAC services and are happy to assist residents and customers.

Therefore, our HVAC professionals have compiled a list of all the troubleshooting advice that every homeowner should be familiar with. Always remember to refrain from using the system if you have any problems. 

How To Troubleshoot Your Furnace Blower?

Use the simple furnace blower troubleshooting techniques listed below to get your heating system working again.

  • Inspect Your Furnace’s Wiring

Checking for a disruption in the power supply or a problem with the electric fuse should be your first course of action. If your cords appear to be in excellent shape, consider unplugging the fan for a while before resetting it. In certain cases, doing this action can restart the motor and resolve your furnace’s issues.

If disconnecting and replugging your fan does not solve the problem, examine the fuse box. Your system may have been overloaded by a power surge, which set off the breaker. Look for blown fuses in your fuse box and replace any.

  • Maintain An Accurate Thermostat Setting

If your blower fan is running, the thermostat in your furnace should be checked next. Most heating systems have auto mode pre-programmed when they are constructed. On the other hand, your thermostat can break down, get old, or be set incorrectly, requiring manual usage.

Three settings are common on thermostats, i.e., on, auto, and off. For our purposes, try setting the thermostat to on. The fan will have to run continually if this option is used. Even though it uses a little energy, this will solve your furnace fan problems while you wait for a professional to come out and thoroughly check and repair the problem.

Try changing the batteries in your thermostat or setting the temperature settings 3-5 degrees above the surrounding temperature if you turn on the thermostat and nothing happens. If none of these solutions work, you should immediately get in touch with one of our repair experts.

  • Take a Look At The Vents And Engines

As they are built to move air, blower engines won’t run if there is no air to move. Always check the screens and vents surrounding the blower to be sure it isn’t having trouble operating. Check the writing on your filter and the housing of your air purifier.

Check the directions on the air filter to see whether they are pointing appropriately if your furnace blower isn’t operating. Adjust the filter’s orientation if the arrows point in the wrong direction. Next, inspect the blower’s surrounding vents


It is suggested to make a yearly service appointment right before the start of the winter season to avoid any unexpected malfunctions and to get the most value for your money from your HVAC system.

Our professionals can save you hundreds of dollars on repairs and replacements and increase the longevity of your heating system. For more information regarding heating repair in Los Angeles, CA, visit Platinum Air Conditioning.