How Can You Improve Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Cooling In Your House?

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During the hot summer months your air conditioner will account for up to 70% of your total energy bills whereas, in the other seasons, it will make up to 12 percent.

The HVAC unit uses most of the energy in your home and is responsible for higher power bills. However, you can follow the below tips to keep your unit from consuming more energy.

With improved efficiency, you can not only save on the power bills but also extend the air conditioner’s life. However, if your unit is 15 years old, you cannot do anything to increase efficiency. Contact the air conditioning installation in Los Angeles to get a new unit.

Clean Your Vents

Cleaning your air conditioner’s vents is one of the best ways to boost your air conditioner’s performance. Take come tome and evaluate the following aspects for your air vents

  1. Are the air filters in your unit the appropriate size for your air vents?
  2. Are the air vents clean or are they clogged with dirt and debris?
  3. When was the last time you vacuumed your vents?

If the air vents are clogged and you do not remember the last time you’ve cleaned them, your air conditioner might be consuming more than average power to keep working. Clean them immediately or you’ll need to contact ac contractors in Los Angeles ca, for repairs soon.

Close All Your Doors And Windows

If you want to air out your room, make sure to turn your air conditioner off before it. Opening your windows and blinds will let the outdoor heat seep in and reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Additionally, your air conditioning unit will have to work extra time to keep up with the lost cold air from the windows. To have your air conditioner unit work more efficiently and effortlessly, close all your blinds and windows when it is working.

Keep The Condenser Unit Clean

If your outdoor unit is clean and free of any dirt and debris it will work with full efficiency. This outdoor unit will be facing a lot of heat and extreme weather conditions, hence you can even place a cover over this unit to prevent any damages.

However, cleaning this outdoor unit can be tricky so do your research thoroughly before you start. Leave the deep cleaning to the experts as they know proper methods to deep clean the unit without causing any damages.

Protect Your Thermostat

The location of your air conditioner’s thermostat plays a vital role in the overall working of your unit. If this thermostat is placed near hot kitchen appliances or a window, it might not be able to gauge the temperature of the home properly. As a result, you will find a drop in the efficiency of the system.

If you find that your air conditioning unit is still consuming high amounts of energy then it might be due to a maintenance checkup. Contact us at (818) 464-4292 for ac installation in Los Angeles and other air conditioning services.