Heating Tune Up Service In Beverly Hills, CA

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Heating Tune Up In Beverly Hills, Burbank, CA and Surrounding Areas

Heating Tune-Up in Beverly Hills, CA

Every year we all have stacked up winter clothes and are all set to enjoy hot chocolate. However, have we thought about the cold in our houses? Have we repaired our heating system and geared it up for the winters? If the answer is no, you should better get to it. Winters are quite harsh in Beverly Hills, CA. You will require the best heater tune up in Beverly Hills, CA. Contact Us Today for Heating Tune Up In Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Burbank, CA and Surrounding Areas.

We, at Platinum Air Conditioning, provide the best heating tune up services in Beverly Hills, CA. We have the perfect expertise and experience you require to dust-off the summer from your heating system. We believe in the absolute satisfaction of our customers and keeping them warm in the winters.

Why is Heating Tune Up Important?

Getting a heating tune up is significant as it helps you keep warm in winters and assures you can enjoy the winters without falling ill. Any faults or broken parts in the furnace can turn out to be quite problematic if the problem is not addressed at the latest and may later on force you to get it replaced.

Our Heating Services

We provide all kinds of services related to heating systems and air conditioning. We offer the following:

Why Choose Us?

  • Affordable Services: We provide services that are reasonably priced. We offer a range of financing options as well. Additionally, we do not charge any hidden or additional costs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the reason why we do what we do. We believe in providing the best services through our expert technicians.
  • Emergency Services Available: You can call us anytime and anywhere, and we will be available to help you with any emergency related to your HVAC systems.
  • Well renowned expertise and equipment: We have a team of skilled technicians who use all the best quality tools for your heating tune up. Our technicians are certified, and background checked as well.

Schedule a Heating Tune Up in Beverly Hills, CA

Your home’s furnace works hard to keep your home warm and cozy during the cold winter months. But, without proper maintenance, it could leave you out in the cold. A regularly scheduled heating tune up in Beverly Hills, CA is a great way to ensure your heater is always ready and able to meet your heating needs.

What Is a Heating Tune Up?

Your furnace is a complex machine with a number of moving parts, electrical and fuel connections, and other components. A heating tune up is a methodical inspection of your system both inside and out. The process usually only takes an hour or so, but it has lasting benefits. During the tune up, the technician will perform specific tasks including:

  • Lubricating Moving Parts
  • Checking the Fan and Belts
  • Tightening Electrical Connections
  • Inspecting the Heat Exchanger 
  • Testing System Controls and Ignition System
  • Checking Connections for Fuel Lines
  • Cleaning Debris and Dust from the Furnace
  • Installing a New Air Filter
  • Testing for Carbon Monoxide Levels
  • Testing and Calibration of the Thermostat

Is a Heating Tune Up Really Necessary?

HVAC professionals and manufacturers alike recommend that you have your heater tuned up at least once a year. The reason is quite simple. The more you use your furnace, the more wear and tear occurs to parts and components. Over time, the system becomes less efficient, less reliable, and more expensive to operate. Regular tune ups help minimize repairs, increases efficiency, and ensures your unit lasts as long as possible.

Schedule a Heating Tune Up in Beverly Hills, CA

If you haven’t had your home’s heater tuned up yet this year, now is the perfect time to do so. Give Platinum Air Conditioning a call at (818) 765-9950 to schedule your appointment today. Our highly-trained, licensed HVAC technicians can perform a heating tune up and make needed repairs on any style or brand of home heater.

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