All You Need To Know About A Commercial HVAC Inspection

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Purchasing a commercial property is a big and important step for buyers. Buyers should ensure they consider all factors connected to that property so that they do not have to face troubles in the future. One of these factors is the HVAC condition of that property.

You may think that an HVAC inspection of the commercial property you wish to purchase is not that important, but it is useful in the long run. You can contact Platinum Air Inc, one of the best heating contractors in Los Angeles to assist you. Here is a quick guide for you to understand the need for a commercial HVAC inspection:

Points To Check During The Inspection

Although a professional technician will ensure that they cover all the areas related to the commercial inspection, you should also know the important areas to ensure they do not cheat you.

  • Condition Of The System

Our technician will inspect the current condition of the commercial HVAC system and confirm whether you can use these systems efficiently or not. If the system needs some repair or replacement, our technician will inform you and do the repairs.

  • The Ductwork Network

The ductwork network is one of the most important parts of commercial HVAC inspection. The ducts circulate warm and cool air evenly throughout the commercial building. Any problem with the ducts will create hot and cold pockets in the building. Contact Platinum Air Inc, one of the best heating contractors in Los Angeles to inspect the ducts.

  • The Size Of The System

Even if the commercial HVAC system and ducts are efficient, our technician will ensure that the system size is appropriate for the building. If you wish to modify the building, ensure you tell your technician the same so that they can check the size accordingly.

Who Can Do The Inspection?

You should know the authorized organizations that can inspect the commercial HVAC structure. If you accidentally contact the wrong or unauthorized organizations, you may face troubles related to the HVAC system in the future.

  • A Reliable HVAC Contractor

All the verified HVAC contractors near you can inspect the HVAC system of your commercial building. Contact Platinum Air Inc for commercial HVAC contractors in Los Angeles, and we will ensure the most precision with service delivery.

  • Industry Associations

Several associations, like the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) or the North American Technician Excellence (NATE), provide commercial HVAC inspection services. You can contact them to get in touch with a local inspector for the commercial inspection. They are authorized and experienced in high-quality and thorough inspection services.

  • Municipal Authorities

If you cannot find any reliable results from the above two authorities, you need not worry. You can always contact the nearest municipal authority to give you the contact of a verified HVAC professional for the inspection work.


Purchasing a commercial building requires a lot of paperwork, and combining it with the stress of commercial inspection becomes extremely hard for the owners. Allow the professional HVAC inspectors of Platinum Air Inc. to carry half the stress. We ensure the inspection goes smoothly and you get the best of your investment.

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