Air Conditioning Tune-up in Los Angeles, CA

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Air Conditioning Tune-up in Los Angeles, CA, and Surrounding Areas

If you can not remember the last time your air conditioner was serviced, it’s likely past its prime. For your air conditioning system to perform smoothly, minimize breakdowns, and last as long as possible, it should be inspected by a skilled technician once a year in the spring before you switch it on for the first time.

Advantages of an AC Tune-Up

Improved Efficiency
The maintenance process includes examining and cleaning the unit’s blades, cooling coils, and other essential parts. Cleaner coils can produce cooler temperatures while conserving more energy than coils not maintained at least once a year. Reduce your expenditures and stay cool when the temperature soars.
Protecting Your Warranty
Many manufacturers mandate annual system maintenance. If you do not, the manufacturer may void your warranty, and you will be responsible for any costly repairs or replacements.
More Excellent Dependability
When your air conditioner is tested frequently, problems can be identified early, minimizing the likelihood of a breakdown.
Reduced Repair Costs
While annual maintenance of air conditioners, heat pumps, and similar devices may appear to be a minor annoyance, it is a necessary appointment. HVAC specialists can use maintenance to guarantee that your equipment is in the most acceptable possible condition. Any broken or worn parts can be changed before causing any harm to other components or limiting unit function. Planning ahead of time will save you money in the long run.
Reduced Utility Bills
If air conditioners are not frequently maintained, they might consume more power. Regular maintenance of your unit will help you save money on energy expenditures. You can save up to 25% on your monthly electricity expenditures by using well-maintained equipment.
Longer System Life
An air conditioning system typically lasts 10 to 12 years, but those that are routinely maintained last much longer. Tuning up an air conditioner will help it work properly for many years.
Improved Comfort
During preventative maintenance, professional technicians thoroughly inspect all-important air conditioner components. When your system functions correctly, you will experience continuous comfort while inside your home.

What is Included in an AC Tune-Up?

Each manufacturer has its recommendations for maintenance; however, a typical AC tune-up in Los Angeles will involve tasks such as:

  • Changing the air filter
  • Air handler and blower fan cleaning
  • Examining the air ducts and the plenum
  • Air temperature and flow measurement
  • Return and supply airflow must be balanced.
  • Changing the blower belt
  • Bearings, pulleys, and other moving parts are lubricated.
  • Evaporator, condenser, and condensate drain cleaning
  • Examination of the electrical and safety systems
  • The start capacitor and relay circuit are being tested.
  • Blower motor, compressor, and fan current measurements
  • The thermostat and zoning controls are being tested.
  • Evaluating the overall performance and efficiency of the system

Platinum Air Conditioning Inc.’s skilled technicians do excellent tune-ups to guarantee your air conditioner unit is ready for the long summer ahead in perfect working condition. An air conditioner inspection in the spring may help it last through the summer heat. Whether you need an AC tune-up, repair, or system replacement, you can count on us to get the service done in no time. Please book an appointment with us as soon as possible for an AC tune-up in Los Angeles!

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