Air Conditioning Maintenance Service In Beverly Hills, CA

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Air Conditioning Maintenance In Beverly Hills, CA and Surrounding Areas

Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance in North Hollywood, CA

Air conditioning isn’t just a nice convenience, it’s a necessity during California’s long, hot summers. In fact, you’ll use it day and night for months on end. All that hard work can make your air conditioner more susceptible to a breakdown or costly repairs. The best way to ensure your AC can handle your cooling demands is with routine air conditioning maintenance. In Beverly Hills, CA, rely on the professionals at Platinum Air Conditioning.

What Is Routine AC Maintenance?

A regular maintenance visit by an HVAC company is basically a health and well-being checkup for your air conditioner. In most cases, your air conditioner needs to be professionally maintained twice a year. The best times are before and after summer, however, anytime is a good time to have your AC maintained.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Procedure

All of our routine AC maintenance visits follow the same basic steps to ensure we always do a thorough job. It begins with a complete inspection of the exterior of the unit where we look for obvious signs of damage that could affect the AC’s performance. Then, we shift our attention inside the unit where we perform a very thorough inspection that includes:

  • AC 1

    Testing the Blower Motor
  • Inspecting the Fan and Belts for Wear/Damage
  • Checking Fuel and Electrical Connections
  • Cleaning the Evaporator Coils
  • Evaluating the Refrigerant Level
  • Removing Dust and Debris from the AC
  • Testing and Calibrating the Thermostat

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance in Beverly Hills, CA

Regular maintenance will ensure that your air conditioner is always ready when you need it. It also reduces the number of repairs the AC will need, helps maintain its energy efficiency, and increases the AC’s lifespan. If your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced by a professional in a while, contact us at Platinum Air Conditioning to schedule a maintenance visit today by calling (818) 464-4292.

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