Air Conditioning Service In Beverly Hills, CA

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Air Conditioning Service In Beverly Hills, CA and Surrounding Areas

Cost-Effective AC Service in Beverly Hills, CA!

AC Service In Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Burbank, CA and Surrounding AreasThere’s nothing better than coming back home in the hot summers and relaxing in the cool air of your Air Conditioner. Even though the temperature is not as high as in other states, the heat does get unbearable for many people. Contact Us Today for AC Service In Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Burbank, CA and Surrounding Areas.

The only practical solution for the intolerable heat is an effective AC, and therefore, ensuring that your AC functions to the best of its capacity should be essential for you. Even though many of you might take your AC for granted, an AC service helps you avoid untimely repairs and breakdowns.

At Platinum Air Conditioning, we oversee your project from beginning to end. We have the experience and ability to design, build, and install our systems according to your specifications. As for the residential, commercial, and domestic areas, apart from AC service in Beverly Hills, CA.

Our AC Services

When it comes to AC Service in Beverly Hills, CA, you do not need to look any further. We have all the vital tools and techniques required for solving all the issues related to your Air Conditioning system. The wide array of AC services provided by us are:

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly-trained Team: Our company complies with all the requirements that fall under the Health and Safety at Work Regulations and all other Legislation relating to the company operations. Our engineers and technicians also provide full work reports after each visit, including the work carried out and the parts used and/or required.
  • Broad Range of Services: Apart from AC service in Beverly Hills, CA, our company offers numerous HVAC services. We also provide refrigerant gas conversions to non-ozone-depleting refrigerants.
  • Emergency services: We also provide a 24 hour-7 days week emergency call-out service to quickly identify and fix any problem and ensure that the equipment is restored to its full operational capacity as swiftly as possible.

Who Can You Trust for Air Conditioning Service in Beverly Hills, CA?

How many times have you heard about somebody that gets taken advantage of when it comes to air conditioning service? It is sad but true, there are those underhanded type of companies out there that will do just that. They are all too happy to take your money, but the air conditioning service guy never shows up, or worse, they show up and sell the customer a bogus bill of goods instead of the air conditioning service their system needs.

It’s no wonder that so many people ask the simple question….” Who can you trust for air conditioning service?”

If your air conditioning service needs are within a system that is located in the Beverly Hills, California area, there is a company that you can trust for all of your air conditioning service needs.

That is the dedicated team of air conditioning service technicians from Platinum Air Conditioning.

Platinum Air Conditioning and The Air Conditioning Service You Need

At Platinum Air Conditioning the air conditioning service is applied before the money ever changes hands! This team of professional service technicians can provide your air conditioning service needs without ever making you pay upfront. 

These are some high points of an air conditioning service from Platinum Air Conditioning;

  • Complete and thorough check of your air conditioning electrical system
  • Check the amount of Freon in your air conditioner and repair any leaks if they are detected
  • Inspection of fan motor(s) and fan belt(s) if applicable
  • Make sure that your condenser coil is clean and properly draining condensate water
  • Make sure that your evaporator coil is clean and air flows freely

In addition to these items inspected, you can trust that Platinum Air Conditioning will recommend any repairs that need to be performed all as a part of their comprehensive air conditioning service in Beverly Hills, California!

Contact Us Today for Air Conditioning Service In Beverly Hills, CA and Surrounding Areas