8 Ways to Extend the Average Life of AC Unit

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As the hot summer months approach, ensuring your air conditioning unit is in top condition is essential. Not only does it ensure your comfort, but it also helps you save money in the long run. However, your AC unit can wear down over time and become less efficient. To solve these issues, Platinum Air Conditioning is always at your service with the most reliable air conditioning services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. 

Luckily, there are ways to extend the average life of your AC unit. Here are a few tips to help you keep your AC unit in top shape.

  • Schedule Regular Maintenance Checks:

Regular maintenance checks are crucial for keeping your AC unit in good condition. A professional HVAC technician can identify and fix minor issues before they become more significant problems. Scheduling maintenance checks at least once a year can help you significantly extend your AC unit’s life.

  • Change Your Air Filters Regularly:

Air filters play a crucial role in maintaining the air quality in your home. They trap dust, dirt, and other contaminants that cause health problems. However, if they become clogged with debris, they can also impede the airflow of your AC unit. Changing your air filters every three months can improve the efficiency of your AC unit and extend its life.

  • Keep The Outdoor Unit Clean:

The outdoor unit of your AC unit is exposed to the elements and can quickly become dirty. Debris, leaves, and other objects can get stuck in the fan blades, reducing the unit’s efficiency. Regularly cleaning the outdoor unit and removing any debris can help improve airflow and extend the life of your AC unit.

  • Use A Programmable Thermostat:

A programmable thermostat can help you save money on your energy bills and extend the life of your AC unit. With a programmable thermostat, you can set your AC unit to turn off or reduce its output when you’re not at home. This reduces the workload on your AC unit, helping it last longer.

  • Keep Your Home Well-insulated:

Poor insulation can cause your AC unit to work harder than necessary. This can lead to a shorter lifespan and higher energy bills. Ensure your home is well-insulated to keep the cool air inside and reduce the workload on your AC unit.

  • Keep The Area Around Your AC Unit Clear:

The area around your AC unit should be clear of any obstacles. Shrubs, trees, and other vegetation can grow and block the airflow of your AC unit, reducing its efficiency. Keeping the area around your AC unit clear can help improve airflow and extend the life of your AC unit.

  • Avoid Overworking Your AC Unit:

Overworking your AC unit can cause it to wear down more quickly. Ensure you don’t set the temperature too low to avoid overworking your AC unit. If you want to cool your home quickly, turning the temperature down too much can cause your AC unit to work harder than necessary.

  • Invest In A Surge Protector:

Power surges can damage your AC unit and shorten its lifespan. A surge protector can help protect your AC unit from power surges and extend its life.

Extending the life of your AC unit is essential for keeping your home comfortable and saving money on your energy bills. Following these tips can help your AC unit last longer and work more efficiently. If you’re looking for more ways to extend the life of your AC unit or need professional maintenance services, Platinum Air Conditioning is here to help.

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