4 Quick Solutions If Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

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Did your AC shut down suddenly during the middle of summer in Los Angeles? Get to know how to troubleshoot an AC that is not turning on without hiring a technician. The following solutions are easy to follow, less time-consuming, and will save you money on AC repairs in Los Angeles.

1. There are Four Most Common and Quick DIY Solutions to Fix an AC That is Not Turning On

  • Fix the Thermostat

Ensure you have switched your thermostat to the on position and set the correct temperature. If your thermostat is not working according to your command, reset. Press the reset button for a few seconds and set the temperature again. A faulty thermostat also probably causes this problem.

It mostly happens when the thermostat is old, outdated, and non-programmable. Look for a smart thermostat to make your cooking experience more convenient and inexpensive. A smart thermostat will balance the temperature as required and save energy too.

  • Troubleshoot Fuse Box

A fuse usually trips when there is a danger of a short circuit or fire hazard. When it trips, it can cause your AC to shut down. Switch off your AC first.

Then, locate the AC circuit in the circuit breaker box and flip it to the off position. After waiting a couple of minutes, turn it on again. You will solve your problem.

  • Clean the Dirty AC

When you neglect cleaning your AC regularly, dirt, dust, and debris accumulate inside the AC and clog the condenser unit. This clogging interferes with the cooling process, and your AC turns off. To prevent this problem, clean the inside and outside units of your AC.

While using the water hose for cleaning to ensure you don’t damage wiring or fan blades when cleaning the AC. However, chlorine bleach is essential to clean the drain lines. Cleaning plays a vital role in AC maintenance in Los Angeles.

  • Remove the Air Filter

An air filter with grime all over it will lead to AC failure with time. Thus, a clogged air filter shuts down your air conditioning unit. Remove the air filter and place a new, better-quality air filter.

Do this process once every 30 to 90 days. You can choose between air filter spray, detergent, and water to clean the condenser unit.

2. What to Do When DIY AC Repair Fails?

If your AC is still not turning On after trying all DIY methods, the problem needs to be fixed by scheduling an AC inspection and repair service. Scheduling an AC repair service on time can be very helpful. A timely AC repair has several benefits.

The pros of AC repair include prevention against early replacement, improvement in AC performance, limiting further AC damages, and preventing future risk factors such as short circuits, fire mishaps, etc. 

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