10 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your HVAC System

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To extend the life of your HVAC systems, homeowners and residents are highly encouraged to perform maintenance on their heating and cooling units twice a year to ensure year-round comfort levels. By doing so, appliances are less prone to sudden breakdowns and allow an increase in the longevity of their cooling and heating systems. 

Tips To Extend The Life Of Your HVAC System

Below are some methods to expand the lifespan of your HVAC system. Let us start with the following: 

1.Consistent HVAC system maintenance

The furnace and cooling should be checked, cleansed, and tuned annually. A great time to repair the furnaces is late summer or early autumn, before the actual winter sets in. Contact the experts at Platinum Air Conditioning to perform routine maintenance after HVAC installation in Los Angeles if you are looking for assistance.

2. Install a smart thermostat

Among the best ways to improve the longevity of the HVAC system and save expenses, besides routine servicing, is to incorporate a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can assist you in prolonging the lifetime of the HVAC system.

3. Clean the channels

The home’s HVAC system and air quality depend on the ducting. Therefore, cleansing the ducts roughly every five years enhances the effectiveness and durability of the HVAC unit and the air quality inside the homes.

4. Modification in the air filter

One of the most direct and economic items you can perform to prolong the life of the HVAC system is to change the filters routinely. Your HVAC system requires you to work harder to move air throughout the systems when the filters are unclean and congested.

5. Refrain from overloading the systems

The HVAC won’t be able to effectively cool the house to 68 degrees throughout a 100-degree extreme heat, despite how hard it works. By placing irrational heating demands, everything you’ll accomplish is working overloading the equipment.

6. Improve your insulating system

The fewer the HVAC system runs, the better its lifespan will be. However, your HVAC systems will have to put more effort for long periods to maintain the ideal temperature in your house if the insulating system in your home is insufficient.

7. Fix problems in an appropriate way

The frequency of fixes will undoubtedly decrease with regular servicing, but problems that arise as the age of a system may still arise. Whenever the HVAC is having trouble, having maintenance done quickly will maintain the system’s good condition.

8. Apply window casings

Insulated panels are an innovative and affordable solution to prevent your apartment’s inside air from venting out. Air leaks commonly occur around openings. Thus, insulating window shades can decrease temperature variations. Contact the experts at Platinum Air Conditioning We are among the best.HVAC companies in Los Angeles to provide professional assistance.

9. Check the condenser

The weather-resistant condenser for the HVAC stains damaged from lightning or wind-borne materials during powerful storms. Check the condenser occasionally for damage indications, particularly after significant storms.

10. Make further efforts to lessen the strain on the system

Give the equipment a rest by using the ceiling fans to keep cooling while adjusting the temperature slightly in the summer. Invest in reflecting shades to keep away the sun’s harmful warmth.


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